PACT Organic Clothing Review: Is It Worth It?

All About PACT Clothing

PACT stands out as a truly unique company in the realm of organic and sustainable clothing, offering a diverse range of products from organic cotton basics for women, men, children, and babies to casual wear and even bed and bath items. From their clothing designs to their brand mission, there’s much to admire about PACT.

Here are a few reasons why both the Earth and you will love PACT:

  1. Certified Organic: PACT is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring that their products meet stringent organic standards. This certification is particularly important for cotton crops, which are notorious for their heavy use of toxic chemicals. By choosing organic cotton, PACT helps minimize the negative impact on workers, the environment, and consumers.
  2. Water Conservation: Opting for organic cotton means using 81% less water compared to conventional cotton production methods. This significant reduction in water usage contributes to sustainable farming practices and helps preserve vital water resources.
  3. Fair Trade Partnerships: PACT collaborates with Fair Trade certified factories, ensuring that their manufacturing processes adhere to strict social, economic, and environmental standards. These standards encompass safe working conditions, environmental sustainability, and community development initiatives, promoting ethical and responsible production practices.
  4. Recyclable Packaging: PACT prioritizes eco-friendly packaging, utilizing materials that are recyclable and made from recycled sources. Their paper envelopes and cardboard boxes are crafted from post-consumer recycled materials, while the biodegradable plastic bags protect clothing during shipment without harming the environment.
  5. Carbon Footprint Offsetting: PACT makes it simple for customers to offset their carbon footprint through partnerships with eco-friendly technology companies. By leveraging innovative solutions, they can accurately calculate and offset the carbon emissions associated with their shipments, contributing to local environmental initiatives such as purchasing wind energy credits.

PACT Organic Clothing Review

I’m thrilled to finally share my review of PACT clothing with you! It’s been a journey diving into sustainable and organic clothing, and I initially thought I’d have to break the bank to have it all. However, PACT clothing has pleasantly surprised me by offering affordable options without compromising on quality or ethics. In other words, I’ve found that I can have my cake and eat it too! So, let’s dive into the pros and cons of this organic clothing brand, along with my detailed review of some of their clothing pieces.


  1. Affordability: PACT offers affordable organic clothing options, with frequent sales and a 20% discount for first-time customers.
  2. Sizing: The clothing items generally fit true to size, offering consistency across different products. Variations may occur based on individual weight and height.
  3. Durability: The fabric feels durable and long-lasting, with a weighty quality that doesn’t feel cheap. Despite some fading after washing, the clothing maintains its overall quality.
  4. Coming Soon: PACT previews upcoming clothing items, allowing customers to sign up for notifications and be the first to know when new products drop.
  5. Family-Friendly: PACT offers clothing for the whole family, including women, men, children, and babies, making sustainable shopping more accessible.
  6. Returns: PACT offers a 60-day return policy for unworn and unwashed items, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  7. Fit Happens: The “Perfect Fit Exchange” policy for underwear allows for free size swaps or refunds within 60 days of purchase if the initial fit isn’t satisfactory.


  1. Availability: Certain items may sell out quickly, and restocking can take time. Styles may also change frequently, prompting customers to act fast if they find something they like.
  2. Color Fading: Some color fading may occur after washing, although it’s not significantly drastic.

PACT Women’s Clothing

Go To Cropped Pocket Legging in Chocolate Leopard: These leggings are a favorite of mine! They’re incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, with just the right amount of stretch. Unlike traditional leggings that are often made of 100% polyester, these feel great knowing they’re not made of plastic. Perfect for both workouts and casual, laid-back looks. I’m planning to get a black pair too! I ordered a size medium, and they fit true to size.

Ribbed High Waist Legging: I got these leggings in black and chocolate brown, and I absolutely love them! They’re incredibly comfortable—I could wear them every day. They’re versatile enough to dress up or down, and they’re also suitable for workouts. They look great with a long sweater or a cropped tee. I ordered a size medium, and they fit true to size.

The Field Easy Cropped Tee in Clay: I wish I had gotten two of these shirts because I wear this one so often! It’s such an effortless tee that goes well with everything. It feels heavier than most tees due to the organic cotton and hemp material. I especially love pairing it with high waist leggings. I ordered a size medium, and it fits true to size.

Underwear: I tried their lace waist thong and absolutely love them! They’re so comfortable that I ended up ordering more. Most underwear is made of polyester, but wearing plastic as underwear doesn’t sound right to me. I highly recommend these. I ordered a size medium, and they fit true to size.

The All Ease Sleep Tee: This sleep shirt is perfect for keeping cool at night and feeling incredibly comfortable. I’m a big fan of sleep shirts, and this one is definitely a keeper. It feels soft when I put it on for bed and gets even softer with each wash. I ordered a size medium, and it fits true to size.

No Show Socks: I was thrilled to find that Pact offers no show socks. Most socks are made of polyester, but these ones actually stay on my feet despite being no show. They’re great for workouts too.

PACT Men’s Clothing

Weekend Pocket Tee: My husband finds this tee incredibly comfortable and confirms that it fits true to size. He can wear it casually or dress it up with a blazer. It’s made with organic cotton and hemp, which adds to its comfort.

Weekend Henley Tee: Similar to the Weekend Pocket Tee but with a different style featuring buttons, this tee feels just as comfortable. It pairs well with jeans or chinos, and my husband loves it!

Woven Twill Drawstring Short: Unfortunately, these shorts didn’t work out for my husband. He didn’t like how they fit—they were loose around the waist but tighter around the butt. Although the material was nice, the overall fit didn’t work for him.

Is PACT Clothing Worth It?

PACT clothing is undoubtedly worth investing in. I wholeheartedly recommend PACT clothing to my friends and family. The brand not only prioritizes sustainability but also offers fashion-forward basics. Knowing that a brand is mindful of both its consumers’ health and the planet is truly commendable. It’s inspiring to see brands go the extra mile to create exceptional products while also making a positive impact on the planet!

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